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Windows Store Apps

We have published several Windows Apps that are available for Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, and Windows Desktop computers. Use the links below to  download the apps and their descriptions as well as the user manuals.

Privacy Policy:  None of our apps gather or use your personal  information, although some usage and quality information may be gathered.  We only use that information to improve our apps, and do not gather, distribute or sell any personal or sensitive information.  Period. 

C# Resource Helper 10:  A Windows 10 application used to generate C# resource files and source code to support multiple languages for a Windows Metro application

SqliteGenerator10:  A Windows 10 application generating C# code for easy access to an SQLite database..  

Audio Notes 10:  A Windows 10 application that allows you to record notes and display receive a popup reminder.  

AircraftTracker:  A Windows 10 Store application that displays the locations and data for aircraft that are flying and tracked by Air Traffic Control.  An aircraft may be selected to see specific data such as aircraft identification, transponder code, altitude and other attributes. Then, this data can be exported to the Windows clipboard for use by other applications.  

APOD 8.1/APOD 10:  A FREE Windows Store application displays the NASA that displays the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day.   

C# Resource Helper:   A Windows 8.1/10 Store application to create, edit, and generate interface code for C# language resource files.  A useful tool to give Visual Studio developers an easy way to embed multiple language support for their C# application.

Flashlight   A Windows 10 Phone application that can act as a flashlight, strobe light, distress signal (SOS) sender, or Morse code sender. 

Ink Notes   A Windows 10 Phone application for writing and saving notes and drawings. 

SQLite Code Generator   A Windows 8.1 Store application for generating C# code for easy access to an SQLite database.

CF Vector  - A Windows 8.1 Store application used as an aid to learn and for deplaying vector operations.

WashMetro  - A Windows 8.1 Phone application that shows arrival and station information for the Washington D.C. (USA) metrorail system.  

Audio Notes  - A Windows 8.1 Store application that allows you to record notes and receive a popup reminder if requested. 

Linear Systems Calculator - A Windows 8 Metro application that solves systems of linear equations. 

Polynomial Root Calculator - FREE Windows Phone 8 or Windows 10 applications that calculate the roots, real and complex, of a given polynomial.

          Motion Detector - A Windows Phone 8 application that detects motion by polling vibrations and takes a picture when the vibrations exceed a certain level.

                  Coordinate Transformation Calculator - FREE Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 applications that transform between xyz, spherical, and cylindrical coordinates.